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Hello everyone, we just arrived from the airport by carBut it is only 12 o'clock, it is not possible to check inWhat should we do?This time we did n』t choose this hotelIf you want to know why there is such a special arrangementCan see my earlier videoWe don't know which country this trip will takewhere to live? What's the funAre completely unawareWe just went online a little bitThis hotel in Hoi An, VietnamIs the place in the middleMany sightseeing spots nearbyLet's go out and find something to eatHoi An ancient city in central VietnamHanoi to the northOr to the south of Ho Chi Minh CityCentrally speaking, the big city is Da NangThe international airport is also over thereFrom Da Nang to Hoi An by carAbout 45 minutesAlso nearby are Hue, My Sanctuary and moreGenerally speaking, if you travel to Central, you will also visit these attractionsWe really have n』t tried any homework at allSuddenly went to a completely unfamiliarCountry not visitedIt's fun, it's easy and casualBut I do n』t know what I 』m doingThe travel agency booked a special car for usSomeone holding a famous sign at the airportWrite our nameThen we got here and got hereWhen we arrived at the hotel, we sat down and rested.Sat for about half an hourView information online, chat with hotel manager (Ask local information)Now there is a preliminary conceptPlan today for the next few days.

Go to Hoi An, be sure to talk about buying ticketsWhen you walk into the ancient city from the outsideYou pass by some ticket offices by chanceStaff will randomly stop some tourists and ask for ticketsSince the staff are not wearing uniformsThe ancient city itself has no gates and is in all directionsBuying tickets is very randomDozens of people walk by and they will just buy a few people at willSo many people on the Internet say that these tickets are deceiving.But this ticket is actually trueIs a joint ticket for individual attractions, one ticket for multiple usesFor example, there is a place in Laiyuan BridgeAnd some clubs, old houses, etc.So if you want to see more attractionsThis ticket is required (about $ 4x HKD)I even recommend everyone to take the initiative to buyBecause some attractions do not sell tickets, they only receive ticketsYou do n』t want to pay to enterIn the ancient city of Hoi An, there are several Chinese clubs of this typeIncluding Fujian, Chaozhou, Hainan, Guangzhao, Zhonghua, etc.Some can enter for freeSome will use the coupon I just saidThese halls were built during the Ming Dynasty Chenghua yearsMany Chinese came to Hoi An to do businessBuild a Guild Hall for CommunitiesFresh mango juice, but with a lot of sugarSo sweet, very sweetVietnam is best known for drinking coffeeSweet scaryReally too sweetWe ordered two dishesOne is NiuheBut it looks like the soup head is really differentThe second is high-riseI should eat this again in the next few daysHigh-riseIs a common staple food hereIs a dry noodleMy pho is MSG soupPlus instant noodles, very thunderWhy am i so luckyThe first meal was minePho has no appetite when he sees itLooks badUgh!

Cups!This meal was thunderBut Hoi An is actually very tastyThis film I focus on tourist accommodationThose who like to watch the food remember to watch the following videosI will introduce the food of Hoi An in one goHoi An ancient city, in the 16th centuryIs an important international port in Southeast AsiaMany Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and Portuguese merchant shipsAlso come here to do businessAmong them, China is moreSo everyone came to play in Hoi An, in architectureYou will see a lot of Chinese cultureLater in the 19th centuryBecause the river has siltation problemsPort status begins to declineAlso for this reasonHoi An has always maintained its appearanceToday is a tourist cityThere are two types of shops in the ancient city.The first is clothing and the second is leather goodsGood quality and reasonable priceCan also be customized, you can pick up in a few daysBut be sure to ask the priceThey are confusedSometimes it ’s Vietnam Dong, sometimes it ’s three dollars less.Sometimes say US dollars, be sure to askThere is a market near the riverSome groceries, selling things a little different from the old citySome cheap foodAlthough many tourists will visit hereBut in general, it ’s more local here.

Many locals come here to shopMore marketThen talk about accommodationAnd this time I made an appointment through this travel agencyHow is the experience? Worth it?Because my last pieceMany viewers say they are interested in this type of travelSo be sure to review it in detailTell everyone what I thinkThis villa is conveniently located this timeOn the outskirts of Hoi AnWalk to the center of the ancient cityOnly takes about 10-15 minutesThe villa is worth nothingReally cheapDepending on what website and day you use to make an appointmentApproximately one hundred to two hundred Hong Kong dollars per nightThis room is a good sizeNot too cramped, no place to open luggage, etc.But this villa is always just a homestaySanitation hasn't gone to hotel levelSome places, such as the first day I saw towelsI do n』t know if it ’s moldy or the washing machine is not cleanSee a lot of black smudgesSome rooms are not clean enoughEntire villa is a homestayBrothers and sisters take care of each otherService is good, friendly and helpfulThen talk about hardwareAfter all it's a cheap homestaySo the whole villa can be said to have no supporting facilitiesThe only swimming pool is right at the gate, very smallI 』ve been here for three days and have n』t seen anyone use it at allBecause it doesn't feel goodLocation is right next to the street, too privacylessThe biggest problem is the bed I'm sitting onToo old and not stableEvery time you sit up or turn around when you lie downIt makes a sound and the whole bed is shakingTerribleTo travel to sleep in such a bedI am personally very dissatisfiedIs there anything wrong, I'm travelingI want to enjoy and have a restIn addition to beds, sound insulation is also a big issueThe first is this doorIt ’s very thin, let ’s tap it for everyone to listenThe door panel itself is thin and completely soundproofThe door below is wide againBasically someone walks outside and everyone hears everythingIn addition, the window here is very thinOutside the riverside roadThere are public places, and some people eatSomeone chat someone playSomeone turns on the radio in the morningEvery time, I have n』t woke upYou will be awakened by noise on both sidesOf course, these hardware problems have been reflected in the price early on.

The biggest problem is this hotel (villa)I did n』t choose, I did n』t chooseYou can watch another videoExplained how this trip cameThe biggest feature of this travel agencyWhen a customer goes to make an appointmentI do n』t know which country and cityCan't choose a hotelAs ordinary consumers, travelersThis experience is really not goodAt the time I made settings on the websiteI entered a lot of personal settingsWhat do I like and where do I want to goThe system calculates a priceI forgot what the real number is, everyone watching the subtitlesApproximately $ 11,000- $ 12,000Go to Southeast Asia for 6 days and 5 nights at this priceEveryone in Southeast Asia is also familiarHow much is a ticket hotel?So when I saw that the price displayed on the website was more than 10,000 Hong Kong dollarsI would expect this part of the accommodation to be goodEspecially the part of the ticketThey stipulated that I can only choose cheap flightsFinally, take the "Hong Kong Express Airlines""Hong Kong Express" flight to Da Nang at 6 amLet ’s check the Internet yourself how much it costs XDAfter deducting the ticket, the other is the hotelBecause there are no meals or tickets, etc.Of course she has some extra servicesFor example a bookletShuttle to and from the airportAnd entry visaBut these are actually very smallThe remaining money should be used for accommodationBut in the end they just provided a bed and breakfast for about HK $ 200 a nightSo the experience is not so goodI have checked it onlineOutside Hoi An Ancient CityEspecially this river, this streetAll hotels, different pricesFrom $ 300, $ 400, $ 500There are standard room types to more than 1,000 yuanNot Presidential Suite, Standard RoomMany choices at different price pointsBut this travel agencyThe whole street was arranged, it was almost the cheapest homestay for usAlthough this trip is sponsoredBut I also want to make an honest review for everyone to knowIf you pay the price, book this tripThe last plane and hotel is this seriesI think the price is very low, I will definitely not visitIn order to let everyone know the actual hotel condition in Hoi AnWe booked another hotelI'll move over there laterThe price is about HK $ 900 per nightThis villa is not the cheapest hereI just made an appointment now, which is more expensive near hereLet everyone see, the cheaper and more expensiveHow big is the difference?Come and see laterTo be clear, moving this hotel is at your own expenseI made an appointment with the mobile app the night beforeShe has several room typesI originally booked a Deluxe roomBut good luck when going to registerShe upgraded the room type where I went to the second levelChanged the Royal Deluxe roomSo the room is bigger, about 500 feetIn terms of decoration, I see the official website has three different stylesIt ’s all Japanese style.

hong kong hotel family room - Camlux Hotel offers spacious family rooms for up to three guests.

I personally like it very much.The most special room type is the bathroomNo way, and there are three different entrancesYou can go in and out of the roomAt this price, the equipment is quite good.If you live in another city,Consumption will be much more expensiveThen take everyone to the roofThere is a beautiful poolOpen landscape and sunsetThere is also a bar next door which is open until lateThis hotel has two swimming poolsThere is another undergroundMy room looks like this.Travel to Southeast AsiaEspecially Hoi AnNot many things to play nearbyHotel facilities must be of a certain qualityChange can stay at homeCan relax at the hotelIf it seems that the previous villa had nothingThen make arrangements for sightseeing every dayOne floor of the hotel is spaThere are many different servicesAroma, Swedish, Hot Stone, Vietnamese ThaiFoot massage and beautyThe average is around HK $ 300 per hourWe happened to be Valentine's Day at that timeCan do spa with two peopleCheaper to countThere are of course coffee shops, bars, restaurants and more in the hotelGood standard, we also had two mealsOne of them is a buffetLet's talk about it in detail in the next videoOverall I'm satisfied with this hotelIf you have plans to come to Hoi An, you can considerTravel to Central VietnamSome travelers may not live in Hoi AnMay be the whole stay in Da NangThen find a bus to Hoi An one dayBut the atmosphere of Hoi An during the day and nightAre completely different, each has its own beautyDuring the day, it will have a taste of the ancient city and a historic lookIt will be lively at night, many bars are open at nightAnd there are many lanterns aroundYou can take a boat and put a water lampRecommended if it is a day tripIt's best to come in the afternoon and have dinner hereAfter shopping at nightI fell in love with Hoi An myself and could not bear to leaveSo I did n』t choose to go to Da Nang when I changed hotels.

Would love to play here for 2 more daysThat ’s it for this filmLater, there will be a film about food and other attractionsRemember to subscribe to praiseSee you next time byebye

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